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Let’s talk our cacao and what makes it so special!

What Makes Our Cacao So Special!

The Attitude of Radiant Health

The Attitude of Radiant Health: One of the keys to a long, happy and fulfilling life, according to Eastern wisdom, is to focus on health rather than disease. A focus on health is the psychological basis of the art of radiant health. And when we develop the attitude for radiant health,...

Cacao vs Cocoa - What's the Difference??

If you've heard of cacao and its health benefits, you've probably also wondered, is cacao different than cocoa? Given baking cocoa's prevalence in America for decades, most Americans are familiar with it. But now there is this newcomer superfood, cacao, and it has many confused! So we are here to...

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a category of herbs that help the human body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic processes and restore balance. They support an increase in the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional and environmental stressors and promote normal physiological function. They have a history of centuries of use and...

Our Top Selling Calm Bar

Our Calm bar was formulated with the struggles of the modern world in mind - the constant rush, need-to-do, non-stop hustle and bustle that has many of us burnt out by day’s end. We created the Calm bar to remind ourselves that stress arises from the constant need to be...