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Our Top Selling Calm Bar

Our Calm bar was formulated with the struggles of the modern world in mind - the constant rush, need-to-do, non-stop hustle and bustle that has many of us burnt out by day’s end. We created the Calm bar to remind ourselves that stress arises from the constant need to be in control, a pain rooted in the mistrust of life.

The herbs in the Calm bar, Reishi and Bupleurum & Dragon Bone formula, have been used in Chinese Medicine for both anti-stress and spiritual connection for centuries. 

Our wild crafted reishi is a superb anti-stress herb, and its ability to support a healthy immune system has led it to be known as the “Queen of Mushrooms.” Monks and spiritual seekers throughout Asia believe it helps calm the mind, ease tension and cultivate wisdom. Traditionally used as an anti-aging herb, reishi earned its reputation as the “supreme protector”, helping protect us physically, immunologically, mentally and spiritually.


Bupleurum and Dragon Bone is one of the primary anti-stress formulations in Chinese herbalism. It is a superior mood stabilizer, known to help reduce anxiety, tension, frustration, and anger. It can also aid meditation and staying asleep. Women commonly use this formula to help aid premenstrual syndrome symptoms. 

In Chinese Medicine, both Reishi and Bupleurum and Dragon Bone are referred to as Shen stabilizers. Shen, in Chinese Medicine, is our spirit. Shen tonics provide a stabilizing capacity which promotes peacefulness, balanced emotions, a Zen state of being and compassion.

Monk meditating

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