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The Attitude of Radiant Health

One of the keys to a long, happy and fulfilling life, according to Eastern wisdom, is to focus on health rather than disease. A focus on health is the psychological basis of the art of radiant health. And when we develop the attitude for radiant health, it may surprise us at how quickly it can be attained.

Much of the focus of the West, and especially over the past year and a half, is on disease, and avoiding getting sick, rather than maintaining health. On the other hand, according to Eastern philosophy, once we have trained ourselves to focus on the attainment and maintenance of health, and have acquired the tools and practices to do so, our mind, body and spirit can flourish. Upon reaching a state of radiant health, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health functions in harmony, and dis-ease cannot readily arise.

Below are some of our favorite practices to maintain radiant health here at non|verbal! If there are practices or tips you find helpful in living a life of radiance, please let us know in the comments below 🙏 

1. Connect with nature 🏔

The modern lifestyle of city living, non-stop working and little free time has left many of us devoid of time spent in nature. One of our favorite things to do is to make sure we get some time every day to connect with nature and ground down to the earth. On days where we are busy, that may mean just stepping outside, taking our shoes off and standing barefoot on the grass for a few moments. When we have more time, we love to get out in the mountains away from the concrete and cars, and to swim in streams. It always feels being in moving water washes away much of our worry and stresses. 

2. Move our body ⛹️‍♀️

Some type of movement, every day, no matter how much or for how long. We love to do yoga, qigong, and even play basketball to incorporate some fun and competition into our lives! We’ve found the best way to get movement is to not be stressed about it. If we don’t have time for a full yoga practice, even a sun salutation or two can make us feel happier and healthier. 

3. Practice mindfulness 🧘‍♀️

We love a good mindfulness practice - whether it is a meditation, a breathing exercise or a mindful walk, we notice how impactful even a few minutes of mindfulness can be on our mental and emotional well being. Mindfulness practice is another one to not get too caught up in the how much or how long, which can sometimes cause even more stress in our lives! Rather, it’s best to just start where we are at. If that means taking a 5 minute walk and focusing on presence, or a 10 minute meditation, or a full breath work session, just doing something can have such a positive impact on our day! 

4. Eating well 🥗

We are firm believers in eating well, whatever that means to you! For the most part, we feel people intuitively know what is actually good for them, and what makes them feel most alive. Again, in a world where there are completely contradictory diets with respective groups saying theirs is the best, we find it optimal to listen to our own selves and what feels best for us, our bodies, and our lifestyles rather than stressing about which diet is the "best one". 

5. Herbal supplements 🌿 

Last but not least, we are obviously big fans of supplementing our diets with adaptogenic and tonic herbs to support our physical, mental and emotional well-being! We find consistent, regular use of functional doses to help promote an internal balance, which we can then carry into all aspects of our daily lives ☺️ 

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