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  • What is non|verbal Adaptogenic Chocolate?

    non|verbal is a dark chocolate bar infused with adaptogenic herbs formulated and designed to support specific functions. It is paleo, gluten free, and most bars are vegan (Glow has pearl powder; Calm has oyster shell). Our cacao is organic and fair-trade, sourced from a small farmer co-op in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Each bar contains two servings per bar of herbs. 

  • Why eat non|verbal chocolate?

    We created non|verbal to deliver highly revered adaptogenic herbs in a delicious and synergistic way, through chocolate. We source the highest quality herbs we’ve found from reputable Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners, and infuse them into organic and fair-trade cacao, all lightly sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar. 

    If you would like a simple, convenient and indulgent way to get both the benefits of high quality adaptogenic herbs and cacao, then non|verbal chocolate is for you.

  • What is a serving size? How much should and can I eat?

    Our recommendation is start with a single serving of the bar, 30g (half of the 60g bar), which includes 1.5g of herbs. Our belief is that it is more effective to consume them in small, regular doses (every day if possible) over a long period of time. Each serving has a generally efficacious amount of herbs for that specific function. 

    Try starting with consistent, single servings and either dialing it up or down from there. Feel into it. These herbs are subtle, tune into them. Let the effects build on each other. If you’ve been feeling anxious, eat a single serving of the Calm bar, see how you feel, and go from there. Maybe the first few days you’re eating a single serving, but as time goes on and your system relaxes a bit, you can eat a half serving because now you’re meditating, centered and at peace. Just what we’re looking for.

    That being said, these herbs are also safe to consume in higher doses than our single serving. Again, we encourage you to experiment modifying your dosage up or down based on how you are feeling and how much you need. 

    Many people also experiment with cycling with the herbs - having a period where they consume them habitually, and then have a shorter period that they don't consume them at all. Again, everyone is different and living with their own unique experience, so it is up to each individual to find what suits them best.

    Finally, if you really want to get into it, let the herbs guide you - open up and listen, feel into how much you should being taking.

  • What are adaptogens and tonic herbs?

    Adaptogens are herbs or plants that work to support bringing the body into a state of balance and helping it adapt to internal or environmental stressors. Tonic herbs, which are often adaptogens, are herbs that promote health and can be taken safely over extended periods of time. In Chinese Medicine, tonic herbs differ from "medicinal herbs", which are stronger, prescribed by a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and are taken for a short period of time, often targeting a very specific ailment.

    The herbs in our formulas are powerful and commonly used tonic herbs in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. While the word "adaptogen" has had a recent surge in popularity, these herbs have been used for thousands of years in these traditional systems for both broad and specific functions.

    We worked with Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners to formulate our blends to best support the functions we felt would best benefit the modern world - Calm, Focus, Resilience, Glow and Energy.

  • What is cacao?

    Cacao is what makes chocolate chocolate. The word comes from the taxonomic classification for the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, Theobroma meaning ‘Food of the Gods’. It has been consumed for thousands of years, historically for ceremonial and medicinal purposes, and more recently culinary. Cacao was traditionally consumed as a beverage, with archaelogists finding ceramic vessels with residues from the preparation of cacao beverages dating back 2,000+ years.

    We hold a more traditional view of cacao, one of reverence for its spiritual and medicinal properties.

    Cacao has had a fascinating history, one worth more research if you are so inclined.

    Another common question is the difference between "cacao" and "cocoa". At it's core, there is no difference, all of them being from the same plant. It largely depends on the person speaking, their preferred word, if their native language is Spanish or not, etc. Another note: from our perspective and experience, as people have grown to appreciate the benefits of cacao, they have begun labeling higher quality cacao (generally speaking), "cacao", and lower quality or dutch-processed cacao, "cocoa".

  • Where is your cacao sourced from?

    Our cacao is sourced from a small farmer co-op, UOPROCAE, in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. It is Organic and Fair Trade Certified. It is made up of a few hundred producers who farm over 1,000 hectares of land which yields the highly coveted arriba nacional cacao.

    UOPROCAE stands for The Unión de Organizaciones de Productores de Cacao Arriba Esmeraldas.

  • Where are your herbs sourced from?

    Our herbs are sourced from Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners.

  • Is your chocolate vegan?

    The Focus, Energy and Resilience bars are vegan. The Calm bar uses a powerful Chinese medicine formula, Bupleurum and Dragon Bone, which has oyster shell. The Glow bar has pearl powder in it. Some vegans are ok with both of these products, and some are more strict and avoid them. We don’t label those two bars vegan, so of course it is up to you as the consumer to decide.  

  • What is the shelf life of the products?

    The chocolate has a one year shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place.

  • How long does the chocolate last and how do I store it?

    A serving size is 30g, four of the squares, and there are two servings per bar. You can eat as little or as much as you like, eating half a bar or even an entire bar is fine. 

    We view consistency as the most important factor. Feel into how much you’d like to eat each day, and do it on a consistent basic. These herbs serve you best if you use them on a consistent basis, as opposed to a large quantity every once in a while. 

    We also recommend eating with intention. A part of our bars are the suggestion of intention through their names. If you are eating for Focus, eat mindfully, closing your eyes, bringing attention to your body, your feelings, and what it is you’d like the herbs to assist you with. This gives you the benefits of both the herbs and your intentions.

  • How should I store the chocolate?

    Store anywhere cool (70° or below), dry and shaded - be sure to keep it away from the sun. 

    If your house is warm, and you must store it in the refrigerator, we recommend you store it in a sealed, air tight zip-lock bag. When you remove from the fridge, allow the chocolate to warm up to room temperature for optimal enjoyment. Eating cold chocolate doesn’t fully provide the indulging experience you’re looking for.

  • Warm and Hot Weather Shipping

    During the warm and hot months of the year, chocolate orders will ship with biodegradable insulation and cold packs to make sure it gets to you in pristine condition. Chocolate orders will only ship Monday through Wednesday to make sure your chocolate does not spend the weekend in a hot warehouse.

  • Can I eat while pregnant or breastfeeding? Can my children eat these chocolates? Can I eat while on other medication?

    Please consult with your health care practitioner before consuming adaptogens while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

    Please also consult with your health care practitioner before sharing non|verbal chocolates with your children.  

    If you are currently taking or prescribed any medication, please consult with your health care practitioner before taking our products to ensure there are no negative interactions between the medications and herbs.